My name is Jason  I am a Landscape  photographer from Gainsborough Lincolnshire I started taking photos in 2010 when I brought my first dslr a Nikon d70  I used to  spend  my free time  in the studio assisting my friend  who was a portrait  and wedding photographer I used to help him out in the studio and assist him on a few weddings this is where I  picked up some of my camera skills  I soon realized that this was not for me and  I waned to be a landscape photographer as I really enjoyed being out side. I like to travel  to as many places as I can  with my camera to  capture beautiful  landscapes and nature.   if you would like to buy  any of my photos on this site  just go on any of the galleries find the photo you like click the buy button  find the photo or product you like and choose the size which you would like you can pay through PayPal once ordered the photos get printed on high quality paper and get sent out for delivery .

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